Exploring friendship

Well, dear readers, I’m happy to be able to announce that over the weekend I signed a contract with Brazos Press to write a book about the theology and practice of Christian friendship.

The goal of this writing project is to take some of the themes we’ve been exploring on this blog (see, for instance, Ron’s very clear and helpful post here) and make them more widely accessible, with a special emphasis on the questions and concerns of gay and lesbian Christians. Over the next year and a half or so, this is what I’ll be working on.

During the writing process, I’ll be really eager to try out ideas here and receive feedback from you. And if any of you have resources — books, poems, stories, articles, talks, blog posts, etc. — on the theme of friendship that you think might be useful for this project, please don’t hesitate to mention them in the comment section.

Thanks for celebrating with me! Your prayers and well wishes are especially welcome.

Recommended reading

I’ve got a brief list in the latest issue of Christianity Today of some books I’ve found useful in thinking through gay Christian questions.

The editors limited me to five, and I would have liked to include a couple of others (like Oliver O’Donovan’s Church in Crisis, for instance), but, honestly, at this point, there simply aren’t as many good books out there on these matters as you might think. I’m hoping that will change soon, with both Eve Tushnet and a couple of others associated with this blog working on new projects…

Stay tuned.