Wesley Hill Reviews Eve Tushnet’s Amends

Eve Tushnet, Amends

From First Things:

Eve Tushnet’s new self-published novel Amends (available as an e-book or a paperback) is peak Tushnet: there are more quirky one-liners than the best standup you’ve seen, more offbeat metaphors than even Michael Chabon can conjure; there are themes of friendship and sacrifice, themes of recovery and religion; there are gay characters, and there’s even a Christian one (the latter features in an extended scene near the end that moved me as much as anything I’ve read this year). The only favorite Tushnet theme missing from this hugely entertaining romp is figure skating, and she makes up for that absence by including a couple of hockey player characters for good measure.

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2 thoughts on “Wesley Hill Reviews Eve Tushnet’s Amends

  1. Because Reality TV is painful…

    Having read only two chapters,* I nominate:

    * Ana being thrilled when someone takes notice of her wacky pill-bottle costume for “Hey, get outta my head!”
    * Shayna’s post-updating for “Hey, stop looking over my shoulder while I’m typing!”
    * Bentley for “most likely to make me see stuff I am avoiding seeing about myself.”
    * J. Malachai MacCool lying passed out for “evoking most sympathy.”
    * Dylan for “most likely to be redeemed within the story.”


    * As college students say, “yay, free!”

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