Reflections on Dan Savage

First Things has published a short piece I wrote on the recent Dan Savage debacle. Note: I did not choose the title!

Update: Elizabeth Scalia (“The Anchoress”) has picked up the article and offered her own commentary.

Update II: Rod Dreher has also responded to the article.

Joshua GonnermanJoshua Gonnerman lives in Washington, DC, where he is pursuing a doctorate in historical theology. His main focus is on Augustine, and he hopes to dissertate on Augustine’s doctrine of grace. He has also occasionally published in First ThingsSpiritual Friendship, and PRISM Magazine, where he makes small attempts to help re-orient the way the Church related to gay people.

4 thoughts on “Reflections on Dan Savage

  1. Great article Joshua! I applaud your courage and your astute writing. I was actually pretty surprised by many of comments–how hostile they were. I guess I have been around this issue for so long that I forget how completely so many people have no clue whatsoever what they are talking about when in comes to gay people and the reality of it. Don’t worry about any of those comments about career. God’s will is what will prevail. The more we speak out faithfully, the more we can bring positive change. The more we can break those stereotypes so many people still have.

  2. Joshua, let me chime in with Karen and applaud your First Things article. Your approach was even-handed, reasonable, and principled, explaining wherein Dan Savage is right and wrong. Like Karen, I found many of the comments discouraging because they suggest a refusal of self-examination. Although it is easy to become exasperated by stubborn prejudice, we must remember that not everyone reflects on this issue with depth, perhaps as no fault of their own but because they lack personal interface with SSA individuals. I trust that a model of patience, like yours, will slowly win people over.

  3. That was a very thoughtful article, and the comments box was fascinating in the way it reveals the way people think through (or think past) this topic.

    There sure are a lot of grammarians out there in the comboxes; not as many poets.

    God bless you, Joshua.

  4. Appreciated your article. Did not read the comments section (after a decade of blogging, not interested in the comments). Used to write about singleness and so forth, but I just quit. My reaction to Savage was along the lines of the bullying issue.

    Could say more about a lot of things, but I guess that’s about all I have to say. Good article.

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