Talking with Father Josiah Trenham

And one more video.

While I was out in California to talk at Biola, I also spoke with Father Josiah Trenham, the pastor of St. Andrew Orthodox Church in Riverside. Here’s the interview (with a rather intense-looking freeze frame to start, unfortunately!):

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4 thoughts on “Talking with Father Josiah Trenham

  1. I notice negative comments are being made regarding Father’s speech against samesex marriage. You know it reminds me of the story of a fire breaking out in a theater…..seems gays do not really want anyone to tell them they are in the wrong on this unless it’s sugar coated or said not at all.

    If a fire breaks out in a theater would you rather someone just very quietly mouth the words: ‘FIRE’…so there wouldn’t be any hurt feelings…………wouldn’t it be much more helpful and save lives (souls in the case of gays wanting same sex marriage approval) if someone would SHOUT ‘FIRE!!! and start shoving people to the exits?

  2. Yes, however, i get the impression few want to be relieved of the burden for some reason and keep trying to ‘feel better’ about the conditon instead shouldn’t they stop aiming at support for hanging onto it….it’s an addiction to encourage the attraction to the same sex even though celibate or non practicing as much as the actual practicing……..seems you leave yourselves open to falling back into the practice by allowing yourself to keep telling people and begging for their ‘acceptance’ of your addiction to the attraction.

    Does that clear it up somewhat? That’s how I regard this blog site……as an enouragement to the addiction of being attarcted to begin with. Asking for prayer to be relieved of the attraction is paramount.

  3. As a 45-year-old happily married man who has struggled with same-sex attraction since I was teen, this interview was a refreshing reminder that God has not forgotten me in my struggles. Thank you.

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