“The Gift of Friendship”

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Some of you will know already that I have a new book that’s just been released. It’s called Spiritual Friendship: Finding Love in the Church as a Celibate Gay Christian, and I’m very happy (and a bit nervous, too, truth be told!) that it’s now out in the world and finding its way to readers.

Today, over at my publisher’s blog, I’ve got a guest post that explains how I came to write the book and that gives a bit of teaser-taste of its contents. Here’s an excerpt:

Being gay and celibate can leave you wondering whether you’re left out in the cold when it comes to committed, stable, intimate relationships. Watching many of your friends pair up and get married, you wonder if you have to settle for something less than that—for relationships that always end with separation or distance. And sometimes friendship, which is all too fleeting in our mobile society, comes to seem like a consolation prize. As blogger Casey Pick has written, “No community is quite so sensitive to the reality that, for all its virtues, friendship isn’t family.”

But what if Christian friendships, or at least some of them, were able to become more committed, more bound by promises, and more recognized as integral, lasting parts of gay Christians’ lives? What if friendship were able to look more familial?

If I were to describe the hope and joy I’ve found in my own gay, celibate life, I would point to moments where that shift has happened in my friendships.

Please click through and read the rest of the post, if you’re interested.

3 thoughts on ““The Gift of Friendship”

  1. Thank you so much for you authenticity in sharing your story. I have a daughter who, while home from college on spring break, made an announcement. Your story, your writings are helping me understand and wrap my head around how much I don’t know and embarrassingly have never contemplated. Peace and love in your continued journey…

  2. Reblogged this on extraordinarily normal and commented:
    I am currently reading this book. I enjoy Wesley’s writing and his thoughts on community and friendship. Regardless of our sexual orientation and gender, such thoughts are needed. I’m so grateful for a voice that can string together words so intimately and thoughtfully. Check it. It’s a challenge to look at and grow out of what we’ve known and into new, but more fully, life.

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