Matt Jones Podcast at Seminary Dropout

Recently, SF contributor Matt Jones was featured on Shane Blackshear’s podcast Seminary Dropout, which has previously featured (immensely cooler, he thinks) authors and speakers such as NT Wright, Walter Brueggemann, and Christena Cleveland.


The podcast begins with some autobiography, then covers a range of topics touching on faith, sexuality, and how the ‘culture war’ mentality has deeply harmed the church’s community life and pastoral witness.

Check it out!

2 thoughts on “Matt Jones Podcast at Seminary Dropout

  1. I really enjoyed this! So much of this resonates strongly, from the psychological effect of the ex-gay narrative, to feelings about the culture wars, to how Matt’s experience as a gay Christian has led him to care more about racism, misogyny, and other social injustices, to the theological and social reasons for sticking with the traditional sex ethic. And although celibacy isn’t my reality, I appreciate that part of the conversation as well. Our understanding of celibacy, and our making space in our lives and minds for celibacy as a normal, even honored vocation, is crucial to our reaching out to our gay neighbors. While I’ve been married for nearly seven years, I spent a few years pursuing celibacy, and I certainly remember that feeling of fear and angst that Matt talks about that’s so common among gay Christians who first set out on that journey.

    Funny, I was recently approached about doing a podcast. I feel like the bulk of what I might have to say was already said here, perhaps more articulately than I would say it myself. Thanks for posting it!

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