The Forgotten Side of the Mountain

Mount Baker

Starting October 9, 2016, and continuing through October 31, I will be writing a series of blog posts loosely organized around the question, “What hope can the Church offer lesbian, gay, and bisexual Christians?” This page is designed to make those posts easily accessible.

Week 1

Sunday, October 9:
The Forgotten Side of the Mountain

Monday, October 10:
On Pilgrimage

Tuesday, October 11:
Coming Out

Wednesday, October 12:
Bearing One Another’s Burdens

Thursday, October 13:
The Desires of the Heart

Friday, October 14:

Week 2

Monday, October 17:
The Heart: Condemned or Called?

Tuesday, October 18:
True and False Friendship

Week 3

Monday, October 24:
Amid the Wreckage of the Christian Right

There are at least two different ways to examine the question of hope. One set of answers are addressed to us—to lesbian, gay, and bisexual Christians—and tell us what authentic Christian hope looks like for us, which is to say, how we can love and be loved in the way God intended us to love. Another set of answers are addressed to the broader Church—to parents, pastors, educators, youth group leaders, and the people in the pews—and explore how to be a genuine minister of the Gospel, and not merely a Pharisee who binds on heavy burdens without lifting a finger to help (see Luke 11:46).

My reflections on this question will be grouped into three major themes: first, an understanding of the situation of lesbian, gay, and bisexual Christians in the Church and in society; second, an understanding of Christian friendship; and third, an exploration of the various expressions of Christian community.