Theologues Podcast: Sexuality and the Church

Ron Belgau

I was recently invited to join the Theologues podcast to talk about homosexuality and Spiritual Friendship:

Brandon Peach guest hosts this episode with Stan Patton, Jonathan Balmer and our featured guest Ron Belgau, co-founder of Spiritual Friendship and a gay and celibate Christian on how the Church should approach homosexuality, whether or not homosexuality is a sin, what the Church can do to be present for those who are homosexual in their midst, marriage and our cultural perspective on sex. This was a really enjoyable show and I think you’ll like hearing Brandon passive-aggressively insult our guests as well as about Jonathan’s Lego obsession.

It was a good conversation, sometimes serious, sometimes funny, mostly friendly. Check it out!

Important Legal Notice: While I stand by my recommendations of hard cider, strawberries, and the Boeing 747, as well as my endorsement of Brideshead Revisited and The Cruel Sea, I did not endorse, recommend or in any way promote the Twilight series. I started to tell a story that would have mocked the Twilight series, was cut off by the host, and my intent twisted by the editors. Everyone involved will be hearing from my lawyers.

4 thoughts on “Theologues Podcast: Sexuality and the Church

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  2. I really enjoyed this. The part about the current family structure was great! I’ve been talking to some folks about LGBTQ ministry and it’s been somewhat challenging to get people to understand that this isn’t just about sex…. that it’s much more complex. Also, gender is a big factor too… the social stigma related and the impact it can have on someone no matter their sexual orientation.

  3. I enjoyed hearing the conversation. You mentioned that your church home in Washington state had a thing called Mix ups,which I thought this was a beautiful picture of what the Church is supposed to meet. Can you describe in more detail how these worked? Who would organize it and how would they mix up the families? My church loves get-togethers and we are very much like an extended family, but it can be an area where we can get better and absolutely shine.

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